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Look no further for your industrial automation partner.

Our Industrial Electrical Contractors offer the most cost effective and bespoke end to end automation solutions in the industry.

From industrial electrical installations and breakdowns to complex industrial plc control and SCADA integration our experts have got you covered in perth.

Call us you’ll be glad you did.

Industrial Automation Perth

What are the main Services offered by Scadalectric Automation?

  • Fault finding/ repair to all types of automated Industrial machinery, processes and plant
  • Instrumentation Calibration / Installation
  • PLC programming and troubleshooting
  • SCADA Programming Solutions
  • HMI replacements / modifications
  • Industrial Automation Services
  • Industrial Electrical Services
  • Automation Systems
  • PLC Brand we deal with Allen Bradley, Siemens & Omron

Additionally, we also offer traditional industrial electrical services, repairs, troubleshooting, maintenance, electrical breakdowns and more all 24/7.

Whenever you are faced with electrical breakdowns which in turn need the intervention of experienced industrial electrical contractors in Perth, we are your one stop shop for 24/7 industrial electrical services.

Industrial Electrical Services Perth

If you are looking for free no obligations site visits and surveys and you want us to carry out a gap analysis in order to be able to identify areas where we can help you save a lot of money, increase production efficiencies or the safety of your operations then please don't hesitate to contact us. PLC Brand we deal with Allen Bradley, Siemens & Omron

In Perth, if at any time you seek any type of electrical services or industrial automation be it specialised or the usual, if you want us to take care of any troubleshooting then contact us at Scadalectric Automation on our number 0449 177 434 or email us on mikev@scadalectric.com.au.

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Industrial Electrical Service Perth

At Scadalectric Automation we offer 24/7 breakdown support for our clients in the industrial automation and industrial electrical services industries in Perth.We are licenced and specialist industrial electricians offering specialist industrial electrical services pertaining to the industrial sector.So, if any electrical services are required to be carried..

Industrial Automation Perth

It is a type of a real time industrial computer that has been ruggedized and is used for automation of typically electromechanical industrial processes, machinery and equipment.

Industrial Automation Perth

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition- SCADA is, "A system operating with coded signals over communication channels so as to provide supervisory control and monitoring of remote equipment.”

Industrial Electrician perth

Variable Speed Drives and VSD programming is employed whenever equipment is required to run at varying speeds or often at lower than the stated nameplate speed of an electric motor. VSD’s adjust the speed and torque in an electric motor according the parameters they are programmed with...

Industrial Automation Perth

Soft starters like the name implies are a popular way of starting electric motors softly by temporarily reducing the starting current or voltage for a short period until the motor is up to speed.This soft start substantially reduces starting current and torque thereby reducing system starting stresses and increases the life expectancy of drive trains.These starters are commonly used in the industrial automation services industry today.

Industrial Electrical Services Perth

If the accuracy levels in an instrument have to be maintained, then instrument calibration is of utmost importance. By way of calibration, the instrument or device is configured to offer results that fall within the acceptable reference range...

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