About Us

  • Scadalectric Automation was started in 2016 in Perth with a vision to deliver exceptional service and solve complex problems.What sets us apart is that we offer PLC, HMI, SCADA, Robotics, Motion Control, Instrumentation and Electrical solutions at the same time.When we attend to a service call we come armed with a full scope of expertise and experience to bring maximum support.

  • What sets Scadalectric Automation apart?

    • We will do ourselves out of work to save you money and put your interests first even if it means training your staff to do what we do to save you money. We offer solutions that may not be the most lucrative for us but will be the best for you. This is what we call service.
    • The wide-ranging and vast experience garnered in the last 20 years working in different domains and industries and more so spanning across three continents has proven to be a clincher of sorts.
    • This by itself proves to be an assurance and you as the customer can be rest assured that whatever work we are undertaking, it is being done by highly knowledgeable, experienced and versatile industrial automation professionals who know what they are doing and has most likely seen it all before.
    • In this respect, unlike most other peers and competitors in this space, our customers’ are offered the traditional electrical services, instrumentation as well as advanced automation solutions too. The best of it all, it is undertaken by the same personnel and simultaneously too, this in turn translates to huge savings in terms of time and money.
    • We take care of any job big or small. If you want us to scale up to larger projects, by taking on and engaging additional engineers and technicians, it can be done without a hitch because Scadalectric Automation already has set, established strategic alliances in place.

  • Here are the services offered by Scadalectric Automation in Perth include:

    • Programmable Logic Controller-PLC programming
    • SCADA Programming Solutions
    • HMI- Human Machine Interface
    • Industrial Automation Services
    • Remote Monitoring/Remote Access Solutions
    • Industrial Electrician

Our areas of operations extend to these suburbs and more:

    • Perth
    • Welshpool
    • Canning Vale
    • Malaga
    • Wangara
    • Cockburn
    • Osborne Park

    If we were asked about our target list or who our prospective customers’ would be, then the same would be most SMBs (small and medium businesses) who are engaged in the manufacture and production and are from industries like:

    • Food
    • Chemicals
    • Paper Industry (Sheeting, printing, slitting, scoring)
    • Cement manufacturing
    • Brick manufacturing
    • Beverage
    • Bulk handling
    • Mining

The brands that we use or recommend amongst others would be:

  • Wonderware SCADA
  • Macroview SCADA
  • In Touch
  • Allen Bradley MicroLOGIX, CompactLogix, Micro800, SLC range and ControlLogix PLC's
  • Siemens S7 300/400, S7 200, S7 1500 PLC's
  • Delta PLC's and HMI
  • GE RX7i/ RX3i PLC's
  • SEW Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s)
  • Parker VSD’s
  • Allen Bradley VSD’s
  • Delta VSD’s
  • NHP AuCom Soft Starters
  • Schneider Soft Starters
  • Siemens Simatic HMIs
  • Siemens TI 500 series PLC's/CTI PLC's
  • Klay Instruments
  • Nivelco
  • Endress and Hauser
  • Vega
  • Omron
  • Schneider

All our employees have undergone the standard police verifications and are well-trained, experienced, insured, certified and licensed too. Most of all, we do have a $20 million public liability insurance in place.

If you want to know more about Scadalectric Automation, call us on 0449 177 434 or write to us at mikev@scadalectric.com.au

About Michael Van Heerden - The owner-operator of Scadalectric Automation

Michael Van Heerden is a qualified instrumentation, SCADA systems programmer with a rich experience of over 20 years. He is qualified, certified, and licensed to undertake any of these services including PLC programming, Variable Speed Drive (VSD) installations, instrumentation installation/calibration and SCADA systems programming.

His expertise gained over 20 years working in different domains and industries across three continents, is primarily in industrial electrical maintenance and project works carried out in the many manufacturing verticals such as Feed Milling, the Food industry, Sugar Refining, Mining, High Speed packaging and Bottling lines.

The certification and qualifications earned over time by Michael Van Heerden include:

  • Statement of Attainment CERT III Instrumentation
  • ‘A’ Grade Electrical Licence
  • Electrical Contractors Licence
  • Cert IV Instrumentation
  • Cert IV Hazardous Areas
  • Siemens S7 300/400 PRO1 and PRO2 PLC Programming Certificates
  • GE RX 3I/RX 7I Advanced PLC Programming Certificate
  • Wonderware System Platform Certificate
  • Macroview SCADA engineering

If you have automation, calibration, instrumentation, traditional electrical service requirements or any programming and installation service requests, just touch base with Scadalectric Automation.

You can reach me on 0449 177 434 or email me on mikev@scadalectric.com.au


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